Products and Services

  • Global Modem - Our new micro-power, low cost, truly global data transport (telemetry) modem. Provides automated numeric sensor data from virtually any point on earth, powered by battery and/or solar or wind derived electric power. Click on Projects in the Navigation Panel to te left to see live data from a number of projects utiilizing our Global Modem.
  • CDS1 - A Coastal Data System, designed for unattended operation in the marine environment.


  • Data Communications System Design - Meteor Burst, UHF/ VHF Spread Spectrum, LEOS Satellite, Broadband Satellite.
  • Database Design - SQL,  SQL Server, CGI, PHP
  • Network and Internet Based Data Systems
  • Remote Data Collection Systems
  • Campbell Scientific data logger system design and programming
  • Advanced Database and Computer Telephony Design and Hosting
  • Linux, Unix, Windows XP, Windows Server, QNX Software Systems Design
  • Programming in Assembler, C, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, SQL
  • Electronic Hardware - System Design and Manufacture
  • Hardware / Software Integration

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